KUNG HEE FATT CHOI! At the night markets and KK Plaza

This Sabah Songs blog started in July 2009. Since then, we went to a Pesta Gambus in Papar, and to a Pesta Gong in Kudat, although I didn’t document it, I can’t remember why. We actually missed the turning to the gong village, ended up at the resort and had to turn back :-). I suppose we were expecting a sign with an arrow saying:  “Pesta Gong – turn left here”!

At Christmas, we were lucky enough to spend time at Kampung Hungab, where a beautiful group of carol singers came, and people there shared generous memories about their time growing up; invaluable insights for me.

Now the Chinese Year of the Tiger is upon us.  All over KK,  teams of Lion and Dragon dancers will come out from morning till night, in their colourful and noisy glory. They go to homes, offices and restaurants to bring good luck to their sponsors.

From this video, you can see that the martial arts associations are NOT exclusive to Chinese boys, which is so great.

The different teams ride in open trucks, with all that heavy gear. Fighting drumsbeats permeate the air for weeks.  It’s wonderful. I mean, it’s hard work carrying those lion heads and body parts over your own head in the sweltering heat! Then they stand on each others’ shoulders wearing all that gear, and make the lion dance and sway and jump and climb poles.

What kind of discipline and teamwork does that take? I think a childhood experience like that must surely be rewarded with cross-cultural blood brothers for life.  I don’t know if this is a Sabahan characteristic, but must be a good thing for the future of Sabah. Maybe people who know about martial arts associations can tell me here.

Hope you like the video.  I think I might have to upgrade my digital camera, in order to be able to record 4AG.  Anyway, here’s a picture of them from Friday night, in CNY and Maxis/Hotlink colours – RED! And a picture of the night markets.

Kung Hee Fatt Choi! From Sabah Songs  🙂


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