Jonathan posts up video of ‘My Story Christmas Edition’

Jonathan Tse posted this  video of his ‘Christmas Edition My Story’ on his blog. Sam Vun made the video, and it’s also on his youtube site. Sam said he videoed the very first ‘My Story’, but was in KL when the others were taking place. This programme was held in City Mall main foyer, on December 20th, 2009.

Jonathan talked with bamboo sax player Philipus Jani. I’ve seen Philipus before, at a Sabah cultural festival about a year ago. He really makes these saxophones with bamboo. When you look closely, you can see the finger pads on the levers are made of shirt buttons and ordinary household items like that.

Some of the wires were reshaped paper clips, if I remember rightly. He uses sealing and bonding agents like rubber and strong over-the-counter glue. He said he made his first bamboo sax a long time ago, when he loved the instrument so much but couldn’t afford to buy one. He’s been playing and making them ever since!

I searched my my hard drives and found a video I took with my mobile phone of Philipus Jani, that first time I saw him about a year ago. Sorry about the sound quality at the end – we can’t hear what he says.

Jonathan also talked with Richado Tawith, about his singing and songwriting, and what music means to him. Richado said his roots and where he comes from is at the heart of his music. Richado sang with Jonathan, then Cyril Aloysius – the percussionist in Reek-A-Dawn, a three piece band fronted by Richado – accompanied Richado on the cajon drum box.

Another guest was drummer Michael Cheong, who runs his own drum school in KK called MICHAEL DRUM PLANET. Here is the Group Facebook page. Earlier in the day some of Michael’s students performed at the same venue, some of them as young as six. This evening he played an extended solo with a cool bassist who’s name is Leo. (Leo what? Can someone post his last name here, so I can made a decent tag for him?) While we were watching them, Jonathan told me that there is a bass players’ club in KK somewhere, where they meet up and jam. He said he would take me one day, so I might get to write about that.

Michael must have strong musical influences in his family, he has a brother Cheong Kok Ann, who is also an extremely skilful musician and songwriter.

KK’s Chinese heavy metal band 4AG filled City Mall with their aggressive signature tune,  ‘One Night in Beijing’. They also played Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’, and their rendition of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ was undeniably METAL.

Here’s a photo from 4AG’s Kurt Chong Lim, which shows Jonathan receiving a certificate (or was it a big cheque, Jonathan?) from City Mall management.

Well done for the nice video, Jon and Sam. And thanks for the photo, Kurt.


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  1. The name of the bass player with Michael Cheong is Leo LIEW!
    I found out after the event at the Hyatt, which is a prequel to the 2010 KKJazz Fest. I will change all the “Leo” tags to “Leo Liew”, so he can have a proper tag!

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