Rock Out Chapter II – a successful event

Well, I kinda resolved not to write more about 4AG, because I have covered them so much already. But I went to KKBandwidth’s ROCK OUT CHAPTER II event at D Junction, on Sat Jan 23, 2010,  to follow their journey.

There were many bands that night – see the band profiles below which are from Bandwidth Street Press Issue 011. You can get free hard copies from outlets around KK. Personally, I have seen copies in Damai, in Coffee Bean, De Notes Music School and RAM Studios.

It was so good to see these indie bands – passionate, fired-up  musicians from here, playing to their friends. There’s care and interest in the audience.  No generic music played to uninterested people who treat them like background music, while focussed on their own conversations.

I ran into Jonathan Tse, who is travelling so much, and on his way to Singapore for 3 days, for church work. Chris Pereira was there, in cool new glasses, and I finally met his beautiful wife Penky. Newly weds. So nice.

I saw someone who looked like Tian Long, and asked hubby Mike to look. Soon they were talking, and I got to meet KK’s famous Hakka singer. He doesn’t know it, but I’m a Hakka moi from Yin Get.

Bandwidth’s Arthur E Lee and D Junction should have been happy – the place was packed by about 10pm, this Saturday night gig was vying with several weddings, including one in the same location.

Okay. My blog is not political. The opposite. I’m into music, and the only shades and textures I care about are major 7ths and flattened 5ths and stuff like that.

So, I looked around at the music lovers at the gig, and everyone’s very modern-looking  in their cool T shirts and jeans. Then my boys 4AG got on stage in their silk Chinese jackets in red and gold, and I thought holy shit, I hope 1Malaysia IS really working in music in Sabah.  Please let it be! And yeah, it was. The audience appreciated them, and I know the photographers got great shots of blinding colour and skill, awesome vocals and driving energy.

I really enjoyed seeing this group Donatello – aw man, I can’t remember the last time I saw a trombone on stage like that. They reminded me of Madness: ska, reggae, funk, and lotsa fun smiles and energy. It was nice 😀  But next time get a mic for the trumpeter too.

There was one guy — I’m not 100% sure which group he is from , maybe someone can inform me here? Hubby Mike said Wow, great voice, and the guy was only TALKING. Incidently, Mike first pointed out to me just how good the 4AG guitarists were, ‘cos I was new to Metal music, and also not a guitarist. So he directed me to watch and listen to the tight solos.

Well, last night Mike said this singer had what might be the best male voice in KK…. he was in one of the later bands.

So, who ARE you guy? You were wearing a long sleeved shirt, I think it had a black and white check pattern?  You have a friendly face, longish black hair and a voice which is strong and warm, with lots of depth and resonance.

Nice night for me. Other people had a good time too. Well done KKBandwidth.



  1. On the Donatello group–if the guy playing trombone is not short, not fat(i mean–quite tall and thin)…Then, it’s Shahri–the bassist..just randomly remembered you wrote about Donatello. Being Busy-body(It’s like my daily consumption already)..Sibuk-MenyibukSS…

  2. Oh.. Sure Thing!! Thanks so much and Cheers!! Oh, also, we are giving out some singles for their 2nd album “Resureksi”. Maybe if we are able to perform, we can give it our for free and to bring more crowds!! Thanks again. 😀

      1. Hi! Happy new year guys! Well, we are really looking forward for this year performances in Sabah!! 🙂 We are going for a tour and hope that Sabah can be in 1 of our tour destination. Do buzz me up for this year event. We will be waiting 🙂

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