Happy New Year from Sabah Songs! Sin Chew prints 2 blog posts from here in its COLLECTORS’ EDITION – a great start to 2010! Wah!

Sabah Songs thanks everyone who has read this blog in 2009, and really hopes you achieve all you strive for in 2010.

Something lovely happened which augurs well for this blog in 2010.  SIN CHEW, which is Malaysia’s best-selling daily newspaper¹ published a COLLECTORS’ EDITION in English, to celebrate its 80th birthday.  It re-published two Sabah Songs blog entries – the interviews with Datuk Peter Pragas and Eloise Lau.   I can’t tell you how moved I was to see those stories printed in this bumper edition, on its heavily weighted pages.

I’m also so happy for the Datuk, and for Eloise, seeing their photos and stories featured amidst such luminaries as Yasmin Ahmad, in this UNIQUE edition:

Why a collectors’ edition?

THERE ARE 80 reasons as this year Sin Chew is 80 years old. But there is perhaps just one good reason to publish a collectors’ edition in English. Because there is none available. [Extract from the editorial page of MySinChew.com Collectors’ Edition. Copyright © 2009 by Media Communications Sdn. Bhd.]

So, Sabah Songs thanks the Chief Editor (MySinchew.com) Bob Teoh for acknowledging Sabahan musicians as being newsworthy at the national level, and honouring this writer with generous column inches in this publication.

¹ http://themalaysianinsider.com, Dec 29 2009


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