Hinava – strollers at Ferdinand’s, Sutera

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Local musicians at Ferdinand’s restaurant, Magellan Sutera, Sutera Harbour Resort

The group’s name is HINAVA, and Jessel Yansalang told me later that they are considered Sabah’s answer to Filipino strollers.

Post here if you know their individual names and anything else about them.  I gave them the link to this website,  but didn’t want to disturb their work by getting them to write down all their names.  They are definitely Sabahan, I asked them.



    1. Obi – do you know these guys? They got 81 views on the youtube site, after just a few days. Maybe we should video them more, and interview them. Do you have a contact? We will also recommend them to Jonathan Tse’s “My Story”.

      1. all of them are from penampang.. and the name was correct 🙂 i think they wouldnt mind doing an interview.

  1. JZ – thank you for that. I will come back to you later in the year and we can write a bit more about these guys from Penampang.

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