“Forget Not”, music and lyrics by Digital Licks

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Written by Chris Pereira and Jessel Yansalang as Digital Licks

Verse 1

It started on January 1st,
1940 – 2,
Japs reached Labuan,
my hometown,
1st point of touch down,
1st place blood touch ground,
I’m layin it out,
the unknown soldiers,
those that gave it all,
died to protect us,
Kinabalu Guerrillas,
Albert Kwok
the brave and his troops held strong,
held their heads up,
for 2 years,
on Jan 2-1, 1944,
Japs ended the fight and began their terror,
at that spot in Petagas the same spot u stroll along
Sliced at the neck,
watched as the body drop,
now let the tears flow as we slowly remember


Gone by where the heroes fall,
Remember, the soldier’s rose in white,
Fly your flag where the eagles fly,
Remember….our soldiers’ comin home.

Verse 2
We know who the heroes are,
but how bout those that never made it home.
no names just bones,
we all know Mat Salleh,
but what cha know bout his hardend followers?
their final resting place,
marked by a plaque and dead flowers,
no one knows their names
just the eternal words,
Be Known Only to God,
their family hopes,
they died a peaceful death,
let their Legacy live on,
their death ain’t in vain,
Lets keep the peace no matter the pain,
this is for the soldiers that we don’t know their names,
we keep the torch burnin, for those that went before we came,
those who gave their life for their country,
eternal memory
Negaraku, Tanah tumpahnya Darah ku
Forget Not



    1. Yes it’s beautiful – the words and the melody. I don’t know why more fuss wasn’t made here. Hmm. Let’s think on it…

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