Local band 4.A.G. play at Razz Ma Tazz Sept 6

4.A.G, (For Aggressive Gentlemen)  are from KK and have been together for four years.

They are:

Wah Keng Hyen华景钿) – Vocals

Chin Chong Chuang(陈宗权) – Guitars

Lim Sheng Haw(林升浩) – Guitars @ sc vocal

Chin Chong Lim(陈宗林) – Drums

Kwok Yung Fui(郭永辉) – Bass

4.A.G recently came second at the Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK) Battle of the Bands at Razz Ma Tazz.

They are playing at Razz Ma Tazz on Sunday Sept 6, 11.30pm onwards.  We hope to get a video of our own, and do an interview at a later date.



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