Roger Wang and Farid Ali play ENGKAU LAKSANA BULAN (P. Ramlee)

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  1. I didn’t expect Roger Wang and Farid Ali will perform that also! It’s a huge difference. I hope more people will pay attention to the Gambus music or Gambus making, because sometimes I think Sabahans themselves are not excited about their own traditional music and not even interested in promoting the beauty of their culture.

    It’s true that the festival or the Sabah music here is not in a “mature” form, but, the locals here are seemed more interested in modern songs rather than work hard on the traditional ones.

    I’m not “Sabahan” and am worried that I talk/comment/critic about something that is not the way people in Sabah used to communicate among their community.

    But there is so much flexibility and colours to explore in all angles of music in Sabah. It is great to start off this kind of discussion, or “promotion” for local music.

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