“If You Don’t Study Hard, You’ll End Up Being a Musician”


A musician playing in KL told me he heard a mother tell her kid, “If you don’t study hard, you’ll be like THEM.”

He was disgusted. What made her think music is for drop-outs?

He talked about the work in professional music college, “…not just performance and theory, but …applications… improvisations… reharmonizations, etc.  My point is, people who take up music aren’t just education drop outs.  It’s another form of communication and intelligence.

“Professional music is just as hard as other courses, like an engineering degree. Honestly, it’s not as easy as others may think. This kinda thinking is totally discouraging. No offence to anyone, but this is what I think about some people and most parents.

“It’s because of our lame and unsupportive community…and also the major record labels don’t help us. This is why parents are so unsupportive about their children taking music as a career.”



  1. Hey, I’m a student and I’ve been deprived from my parents from taking music lessons due to the same reason. According to my parents, Musicians are people who would never survive in an economy downfall, but I’ve never really listened to their very lame excuses. I think its pretty unfair to us who are really musically-inclined. They only look at the negative side of being a musician, however, they’ve not seen the real deal of becoming an aspiring musician.

  2. Most people enjoy music but not enough value it and in times of hardship, economic or otherwise, anything that can lift your spirits is tremendously important. Anyone who tries to make a living as a musician should be given all the support they can get.

    I was watching a documentary last week about artists in America during the Great Depression. Surprisingly (to me), the government actively promoted and commissioned art in all its forms at a time when there was little enough money to go round (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Deal#Art_and_music).

    Besides, all the headlines I see aren’t about musicians losing their livelihoods – it’s the high flying banking executives and people with “proper” jobs!

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